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The Future of Technology

"You had the audience hanging on your every word. Clearly, you're a gifted speaker who enjoys being in front of an audience - almost as much as they take pleasure in listening to you!"
Bob Cargill, Creative Director and Copywriter, New England Direct Marketing Association

It's amazing how thoroughly technology pervades our lives and society.

There are microprocessors everywhere including in cars, watches, toasters, cameras, and even infant toys. Email is a given -- even my homeless friend Ralphie is an email junkie.  New cars often have wireless networking built in, and all hotels have Internet access in every room.

Technology also frustrates us through its complexity and unreliability. I've literally had to reboot cars before -- pull them over to the side of the road and turn them off and then on again! Computer problems, limited cell phone coverage, Web sites that don't work the way they should, short battery lives, and plenty of “Technology for Technology’s Sake” frustrate and annoy us.

"Ted's combination of deep knowledge and unique humor really inspires."
Dr. Jeffrey Stanton, University of Syracuse

What's in store for the future? Obviously we'll have even more technology, bringing us both disruptive and incremental changes. Some changes will be surprising.

Most importantly, technology will seem to disappear -- its complexity and current unreliability will vanish, while its benefits will not. Technology and its complexity will be hidden under the covers, where it belongs!

"Always insightful, thought provoking, and simply awesome"
Randy Barron,
Axis Technology

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