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What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting: Real-Life Advice from 101 People who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere

My follow up to Blogging for Business. It's based on the experiences, thoughts, and opinions of 101 people - both bloggers/podcasters and those who read and listen.

Wisdom from Seth Godin, Large John, Guy Kawasaki, surferdude/deep thinker Dave Kesel, Dave Taylor, Andre the Siberian Splogger and reindeer breeder, and even my favorite, ANONYMOUS!

I had a blast writing this book and hope it rockets you and your business to phenomenal excess!

You're also invited to visit the book blog at BloggingForBusinessBook.com.
Blogging for Business
Table of Contents and Links:

Blog and Podcast Basics

What is a Blog - Randy Barron
What is a Blog - John  Raleigh
Comments Essential to Blogs? - Bryan Person
Blogging Platforms and Software - Tom Gray
The Three Types of Blogs - Seth Godin
The Value of Blogging - Bob Cargill
Why Should Companies Monitor Blogs? - Julie Woods
One Example of Great Blogging Results - John Kinde
How Many Readers Do You Need For Success? - Tom Vander Well
The Importance of Writing Well - Large John Brock
Dave Taylor on Successful Business Blogging - Dave Taylor and Ask Dave Taylor
Common Sense and Blogging - John Foster
What is a Podcast - Shel Holtz, For Immediate Release
What is a Videoblog - Michael Verdi
Introducing Social Media to an Organization  - Joseph Thornley
It's All an Experiment - Robert French

Some Business Uses of Blogs

Blogs as Sales Research Tools - Jim Foster
Using Blogging to Learn to Write Well - Anonymous
Blogs as Reference Tools - Robert Porter
Knowledge Management - Luis Suarez
Blogs for Local Businesses - J.D. Iles
Internal Blogs Help Teams Communicate - Dan Smith
Blogs and Public Relations - Dan Janal
Building Great Business Relationships through Blogging - Phil Gerbyshak
Positioning Yourself as an Expert - Becky McCray, The Great Big Small Business Show
Blogging for Business Relationship Quality - Robert Rosenthal
Blogs and Podcasts at 800-CEO-READ - Todd Sattersten
Blog Humanize Companies - Jeff Foster
Blogging for a Big Company - Alfred Thompson II
Creating Buzz with Blogs - Ron McDaniel
Marketing With Content - David Meerman Scott
Blogging Interns - Christopher Salazar
Blogging and Your Career - Philip Hartman
Book Blogs  - Michael McLaughlin
A Blog as a Web Portal - David Markovitz
CEO Blogs - Debbie Weil
Real Estate Blogs - Paul Chaney
Lawyer Blogs - Kevin O'Keefe

Planning Your Blog

Blogs and the Big Picture - Rick Short
Three Key Questions to Answer When Planning Your Blog - Mark White
The Who, How, What, and When, and When of Blogging - Richard Boyd
Five-Plus Tips to a Better Blog - Meryl Evans
Common Mistakes Professionals Make with Their Blogs - The Blog Squad
Quarterly Blog Reviews and Editorial Calendars - Michele Corey
Practical Blogging - Robyn Tippins
How to Figure Out the Content Dilemma - Tamera Kremer
Does Your Blog Stink? - Steve Remington
Blogs and Podcasts in The Enterprise - Dennis McDonald

Making Money with Blogs

Can I Make Money Blogging? - Chris Garret
Tips for AdSense and other Advertisements - Reg Adkins
E-commerce and Blogs - Jeremy Bloom
Shopping Carts for Blogs (and Other Web sites) - Tom Antion
Creating and Selling Information Products from Your Blog - Brian Clark
Andre the Splogger - Andre
Blog Networks - Paul Short
Blogging for a Blog Network - Bill Belew, A Man Walks Into an Office, TheBizOfKnowledge, RisingSunOfNihon
Passion, Persistence, and Profit - Bruce Allen

Promoting Your Blog and Tracking Statistics

Great Bloggers are Great Conversationalists - Stephen Turcotte
Evangelizing Your Blog - Guy Kawasaki
Search Engine Optimization for blogs - Aaron Wall
The Blog Traffic King on Building Blog Traffic - Yaro Starak, Blog Traffic School
E-mail Blog Interfaces - Phil Hollows
Tracking Blog Statistics - Easton Ellsworth
Tracking and Optimizing Feeds with FeedBurner - Mike Sansone

Podcasting Specifics

What makes a great podcast - Paul Gillin
Everyone should Podcast - Michael Pollack
Some Podcasting Advice - Martin McKeay
Talkr, Converting Blogs to Podcasts - Chris Brooks
Monetizing Podcasts - Michael Geoghegan
What Do Podcast Listeners Want? - Dan Sweet
The Financial Aid Podcast - Christopher Penn
Podsafe Music - C.C. Chapman
Waxxi, An Interactive Podcast Model Plus - Tracy Sheridan
Manic Mommies - Kristin Brandt
Rightlook Radio - Stephen Powers
Grape Radio, Guys passionate about wine podcasting - Brian Clark
MommyCast, An incredibly successful podcast - Gretchen Vogelzang
Promoting Your Music Through Podcasting - Brother Love

Other Blog and Podcast Considerations

Blogging within a Classic Command and Control Structure - Fred Minnick
Blogging and Legal Worries - John P Hutchins
Protecting Your Blog and Podcast Intellectual Property - Brett Trout
Security and Blogging - Pierre Noel
Blogging and Your Brand - Mike Wagner
Why I Blog Anonymously - Steven Ustaris
Blogging in the Classroom - Delaney J Kirk
Friday Squid Blogging, a blog can be professional and fun - Bruce Schneier
Passion, Profit, and MyYawp - Jeff Wuorio
Crisis Management and Blogs - Tom Taulli
Blog or Ezine? - The Blog Squad
The ROI of Blogging - John Cass
No Sitting Around Waiting for Demonstrable ROI - Jim Curtin
Blogs and Syndication - Bill Flitter
The Promise of Videoblogging - Ryanne Hodson
"Pitching" Bloggers and Podcasters Correctly - Mark Fortier
Ghost Blogging - Mikal Belicove
I Use a Ghost Blogger - Anonymous

The Future of Blogging, Podcasting and Social Media

The Future of Blogging - What can we expect? - Shel Israel
The Convergence of Social Software - Scott Allen
Those Involved Are Too Close To See What's Happening - Dave Kesel
Blogs and Podcasts, Where do We Go From Here? - Jeremiah Owyang

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